When to fight (Pt1)

  ”In sheltered housing it’s a pretty safe bet that if you are sharing a fridge/freezer then your stuff will get stolen” Wednesday 29th March Two days ago I was feeling ill & picked up a 24 hour bug so I hadn’t eaten all day. When I woke up I was hungry & very weak. […]

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Ways to Go

March 24th Upon opening my eyes this morning I looked around my new room & found myself still trying to take in my new surroundings of the shelter I was now calling home. Before we go any further we need to look at what we’ve achieved here. You made it through the first night something […]

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Shell Shocked

23rd March Today was the day I was due to leave hospital. I was visited by the Pysch team once more and the housing officer whilst waiting for some transport to take me to the homeless shelter. I spent most of the morning full of nerves about what was going to happen to me. I’ll openly […]

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Waves Of Sadness

22nd March After yesterday’s psych session I’m worn out emotionally from opening up a lot of old wounds that I’ve kept buried. I am relieved that this time I am finally going to get the help I need though I am still panicking that where I am going to end up or if I am […]

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